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Peggy Aebi - abstract Jerry Thompson - Carkeek Park Janice Coffman - A Little Fog
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April 26-June 17, 2016
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 30th, 6-8pm

"Chromophobia manifests itself in the many and varied attempts to purge colour from culture, to devalue colour, to diminish its significance, to deny its complexity." David Batchelor, 'Chromophobia'

"A color known as dragonsblood is red. This color is used occasionally on parchment, for illuminating. But leave it alone, and do not have too much respect for it; for it is not of a constitution to do you much credit." Cennino D' Andrea Cennini, "Il Libro dell' Arte"

Color has a complex history in art. In ancient times Aristotle argued that line represented order and rationality, whereas color was chaotic and inessential. Neoclassical art theory posited that color was unwelcome in the upper echelons of aesthetic systems. Beyond the world of art history, bright colors can, for some people, elicit a real feeling of fear and aversion. Where some seek to surround themselves with white or neutral tones, others seek color at every chance.

In Chromophobia, artists are invited to explore the worlds of the garish and the neutral. Go wild in the color box or exercise extreme constraint and create in the world of white and greys.


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