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The 55th Boone County Art Show took place October 11 and 12 at Boone County National Bank on the corner of 8th and Broadway. First held in 1959, the show features works of art completed by residents of Boone County and members of the Columbia Art League. There is no jury process or entry fee for the show, which encourages artists of all mediums and abilities to exhibit one work for the weekend show.

Congratulations to our winners! Thanks to all for making the Boone County Art Show one of Columbia's finest events!

Professional painting

First place, “Paris” by Rodney Burlingame
Second place, “Yellow Blooms” by Jennifer Wiggs
Third place, “Theosophia” by Angelo Joseph Sugg

Professional drawing

First place, “Couple on the Corner of 9th and Broadway” by Mike Sleadd
Second place, “Miss Schubert’s Shoes” by James King
Third place, “Soulful Gaze” by Lampo Leong

Professional other media

First place, “Life” by Leah Bowring
Second place, “Dappled Dynamite” by Elizabeth Ritter
Third place, “L’armor” by John Schneider

Non-professional painting

First place, “Olivia” by Lauren Seider
Second place, “The Road West” by John Glenn
Third place, “Organic Gardening” by Carol Dehaney

Non-professional drawing

First place, “1929 Cabriolet Cord” by Jennifer Slouha
Second place, “Namibian Savanna” by Sam Goodfellow
Third place, “Our Missouri Woods” by Dola Haessig

Non-professional other media

First place, “After the Green Flash” by Pam Gainor
Second place, “Red Sky in the Morning” by Mary Kate Protzman
Third place, “Fallen Angel” by Nathan McLeod


First place, “Articulating Appurtenance” by Matt Moyer
Second place, “Beauty First” by Susan Taylor Glasgow
Third place, “Echidna” by Kate Seat


First place, “Channeling” by Marni Gable
Second place, “Shino Vase” by Sarah Harker
Third place, “Small Bowl” by Jacob Bigelow


First place, “Bridge of Sighs, Cambridge, England” by Karon Huggler
Second place, “Last Light” by Dave Walker
Third place, “It’s not easy being green!” by Patti Cantu

People’s Choice Award

“Paris” by Rodney Burlingame

Bank Purchase Award

“Collide-O-Scape” by Larry Mehmert

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