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Columbia Invitational Process 

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 Columbia Invitational Process

Columbia Invitational sponsored by First National Bank

Presenting an Invitational show is not without challenges. With such a plethora of talent in one town, let alone one state, how does one determine who is to be invited?

For this reason, a relatively lengthy process involving many different people and tiers of decision making was set up. Inevitably, every great artist can not be included in each invitational show. As with any juried show, no matter how many tiers of decision making are included, there is a degree of subjectivity in each stage of the process.

Here then is the process, which CAL used for this first invitational show. CAL members and board directors were involved in the process, and several CAL artists were nominated by the nominating committee. The Exhibits Committee and the CAL Board agreed that this show should be an all encompassing show, which was not limited to CAL members but open to all artists in Missouri.

It is hoped that in subsequent years, each invitational show will be chosen by a different nominating committee and a different set of jurors so that a different group of artists is invited each year.

Exhibits Committee (CAL Board)

Molly O’Donnell - Curator, art buyer
David Spear - Artist
Mike Sleadd - Artist and Professor of Art

The exhibits committee explored various options for an opening show. The favored option by the Exhibitions Committee and the Board was to hold a Columbia Invitational, a show which would be limited to Missouri artists but open to all artists both members and non-members of CAL. From here an invitational nominating committee was put together.

Invitational Nominating Committee

Molly O’Donnell
CAL Board Member, former curator of the Museum of Anthropology, art buyer, Columbia/Chicago resident
Kathy Unrath
CAL Board Member, professor of art education, artist and art buyer, Columbia resident
Jennifer Perlow
CAL Member, gallery owner, art buyer, Columbia resident
Jo Stealey
CAL Member, fiber art professor, artist, Columbia resident
Kip Goodman
First National Bank art curator, art buyer, Columbia resident
Mick Luehrman
Professor of Art at University of Central Missouri Warrensburg, artist
Keith Ekstam
Professor of Ceramics, Missouri State University Springfield, artist
Paul Leopold
Owner of Leopold Gallery in Kansas City, artist, author
Sarah Cahan
Professor of Contemporary Art, Department of Art and Art History, University of Missouri, St. Louis

The nominating committee was each asked to submit the names of 5 Missouri-based artists for the invitational show. Each of the 45 artists whose names were submitted was then asked to submit 3-5 images of recent work for the jury to consider. Some of those 45 artists were either unable to submit to the show due to prior commitments, or declined the invitation. A total of 30 artists submitted images for consideration by the jury. These images were then considered by the jury.


Kip Goodman
First National Bank Art Curator
Doug Freed
Professor Emeritus and former Director of the Daum Gallery, Sedalia
Sherry Leedy
Owner of Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art gallery Kansas City

Each jury member was asked to award points without consultation with the other jurors to each submitted artist, 5 being the highest, 0 the lowest. From this jury process 10 clear winners emerged.

Juried Artists

Laura Beard St Louis Painting
Philomene Bennett Kansas City Painting
Bede Clark Columbia Ceramics
Dwaine Crigger Springfield Sculpture
Jennie Frederick Kansas City Fiber
Peter Haigh Columbia Photography
John Louder Warrensburg Painting
Gary Passanise St Louis Painting
Jason Pollen Kansas City Fiber
Matthew Zupnick Warrensburg Sculpture

Submission guidelines

Each juried artist was asked to submit images of 3-5 works completed in the last 24 months and available for the show. 3 works were chosen for the show by Kip Goodman and Diana Moxon.


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