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Peggy Aebi - abstract Jerry Thompson - Carkeek Park Janice Coffman - A Little Fog
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  Currently On View (beginning January 2015)

Artist CEP Business

Bill Helvey

Bond Life Sciences Center
Renate Brady
Boone County Government Annex

David Frech

Boone County Government Building

Mark Flanegin

Callaway Bank
Randy McDermit
Audrey McFadden
Columbia Board of Realtors

Jennifer Slouha

Columbia Daily Tribune
Sherrie Kueckelhan Columbia Podiatry
Leslie McCullough-Payne Cornerstone Insurance
Kerri Hirth
D&H Drugstore
Leslie McCullough-Payne Cornerstone Insurance
Lea Lichty
Missouri Heart Center

Amy Schomaker
Mike Seat
Mariel Stephenson
Randy Tindall
Will Treelighter

Parkade Center
Dan Hemmelgarn The Bluffs
Janet Elmore
Truman Memorial VA Hospital
Jennifer Market UMB Bank

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